About Me

About Me

When I wake up every morning, I’m writing a script in my head. When I eat lunch, I am thinking about ways to make my next edit just a little bit better. When I brush my teeth at night, I am planning out my next film shoot.

I breathe, eat, and sleep film. Making movies is the path in life that I chose, and the purpose that I find within myself (as pretentious as that may sound). I see every day as a story that I am writing for myself, like a film in a lot of ways.

Thanks for visiting my page. I hope you enjoy the content I have here. Please check out the films I have listed at the top of the screen, or even some of the photography projects I have listed as well.

My Vimeo Page is where I post all of my latest videos. You can also check out my YouTube page if you’d prefer.

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