I’m Tyler, and this is my blog. This is where I will post my podcasts, and other fun things. First, let me tell you about myself.

I’m a teen, and have a younger sister who might join me in some of my podcasts. Some of my hobbies include playing video games, reading books and comics, drawing, programming games and much more. I am in a home schooling program and my favorite subject is science. My dad will be helping me with my podcasts, and he will be my co-host. I hope you will enjoy my blog and my podcasts. By the way, here is my new podcast icon:

HelloTyler Podcast

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  1. Boyd Wages says:

    Great job!!!
    Congratulations on your first pocast and your website.

  2. Pam Camp says:

    Great Podcast. Let me know when you update this site.

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