I was previously the host of the Hellotyler Podcast, along with my dad, “HelloRobert”. It was a family friendly podcast, where I reviewed my favorite iPhone apps, video games, books, TV shows, and much more. Every once in a while, my sister, “HelloAshley” appeared in my podcast as well.

I was only 11 when my dad and I started this podcast together. We created six normal episodes where we talked about different video games, books, and TV shows I was into at the time. We also created one “videocast” making seven episodes total. The videocast was particularly special because it was one of the first video projects I had done, and eventually led to me becoming an aspiring filmmaker today. Looking back, this podcast was mostly an experiment with podcasts becoming extremely popular at the time, not trying to become big and popular but to see what we could do to make it interesting and unique to myself and my dad. I personally have very fun memories of the time my dad and I spent together doing this project. Unfortunately the podcasts are not on the iTunes Store anymore, but I have linked them all below:
Episode 1:

Episode 2:

Episode 3:

Episode 4:

Episode 5:

Episode 7:

And finally here is the special episode 6, which was the videocast: