Tearaway is about a creature named Iota, who is traveling around his world and braving dangerous things to deliver a unique message to YOU! The game will be released in October 2013. You can also play as Atoi, the girl version of Iota. (Psst! If you reset this page, the background will switch to the opposite character! Try it!) The world of Tearaway is made of a variety of sizes and shapes of paper. There are giant, dog-like creatures called “wendigos” which chase you and want to attack you. However, you can trick them into running in the area of a pop-up box in wrapping paper, which will trap them inside. There are also walls with glue paths on them, which allows Iota/Atoi to walk on the paths. A very cool feature that makes use of the touch screen on the back of the PS Vita is that you can smash your fingers through the worlds paper and interact with the world to help Iota/Atoi defeat villains or open new paths. You can even blow onto your PS Vita to blow things away in the world! There are also uses for the PS Vita’s gyroscope, cameras, and other things as well. Below is a video to show just how cool this game looks:


(Please note that the game’s logo has been changed, and the one in the video is different. To see the new logo, go to tearaway.mediamolecule.com, or go to the bottom of the page to see it in the gallery.)


For more tearaway fun, click here to see the Tearaway Wiki, or click here to see the official website.

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